Northeast Tennessee

Block Party Party

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

I was a nice 64 degrees when 19 pax came together for one goal….work hard! Today was all upper body and I for sure underestimated the the work.
The Motivator from 2
Mericans IC x10
Slow Squats IC x10
LBAC IC x10 Forward and backwards
TTT IC x10
IW IC x10

6 exercise were listed out 50 reps a piece and 6 rounds was the goal.
Block Curls
Block Rows
Block Overhead Presses
Dips with feet on the block
Kettlebell swings
Block Flutterkicks
(most pax made it through 3 rounds, will consider a decrease in reps as well next time)

No need to do ab exercises today
YHC finished the 50 Mile Star Course in DC this past weekend. It was a super tough event. But about 13 miles in I injured my shin with a strained muscle. It was a tough go from that point on, but I kept going through the hard times. This is kind of like life. There are going to be super tough times when it would be easy to give up, to go another direction or choose another path. Fighting through those tough times are hard, but usually will produce a lesson or reward for sticking with it. Fight through the tough times and find out what you are made of. You always have the men of F3 to help you along!

NETN 3 year anniversary Convergence June 8th
Shepherd’s Men Run and 5K Friday (tomorrow)
Brothers from Arrowhead will be joining us this Saturday for a mini convergence

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