Northeast Tennessee

Run with Pain Stations – Shades of Hickory NC

Northeast Tennessee Kingsport Wilderness Road (Dobyns-Bennett)

8 locals and a PAX from The Fort in South Carolina John Topham – Sir Topham Hatt posted to enjoy a 65 degree morning in May.
10 SSH, Abe Vigoda, TTT, LBC in 3 flavors, Mercs IC x 10
YHC learned about a Run with Pain Stations while visiting Hickory NC PAX in late winter of 2018.  A very technical workout – run to somewhere and do some exercises.  But a twist was added.  If you get to the designated meeting point you turn around and run back to the 6 and then run back to the point and repeat if needed.  In theory everyone runs the same amount of time.


#1 – 10 Burpees

#2 – 10 mercs OYO then sprint to top of DORA Hill

#3 – 10 Chicken Peckers IC

#4 – Slow Squats

#5 – Bear Crawls 1/2 up hill, Crab Walks Back Down

#6 – Carolina Drydocks as a tip of the hat to our SC Visitor

#7 – to steps of Civic Auditorium – then Crab Walk up Steps/Bear Crawl Down x 3 reps

# 8 – YOGA TIME!  Side planks, Elevator Mercs etc.  ABs looking Good! Just like @Trolley!

#10 – Chest to Ground Burpees on the Curb

#11 – Trolley’s Rail to Hail thigh busters

#12 – 25 BBSU, Slow Hold Supermans

#13 – Something I can’t recall back in parking lot where we started.

PRAYER – Sir Thopham Hatt’s Co workers ex wife health, Little Debbie Family
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