Northeast Tennessee

The Lightning That Fartsacked

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Range (Science Hill)

We showed up but the predicted thunder and lightning slept in.  It ended up to be a beautiful morning in the gloom, including a bit of a rain at the start to taunt us, that never materialized into the scary beast we anticipated.  All 5 of us though were fully present for today’s beat-down.
The Warm Up

  • The Motivator from 6
  • Through The Tunnel IC X 15
  • The Merkin IC X 15
  • Abe Vigoda IC X 15
  • The Merkin IC X 10
  • Imperial Walker IC X 15
  • The Merkin IC X 10

Today we worked out from top to bottom.

First station started with the arms

Second station was Core/ABS

Third Station was Legs

SO we then moseyed from the infamous range lot to the bottom of MedTechHill with Blocks.

Station One @ MedTechHill —-> The ARM Station

Here we paired up. While one person of a pair ran up MedTechHill and did a Burpee at the Top and then Ran back down, the other partner did the exercises.  Then they switched roles and did this sequence for the following Three Exercises:

  • Arm Curls with The Block
  • Shoulder Presses with The Block
  • Bent Rows with The Block

Plank until All Complete

Next we Ran over to the SadTrack (The small miss-constructed Track)

Station Two @ SADTRACK —-> The Core Station

We kept our pairs. One partner ran a lap while the other did the exercise, then switched places. This Continued until each person completed the following exercises:

  • LBC’s
  • Flutter Kicks
  • American Hammer

Plank until All Complete

Next we ran to the lower parking lot in Front of SHHS, The start of the StairLoop

Station Three @ The Stairloop —-> The Leg Station

Here again one person did the exercise while other did a stair loop of running. Continued until all here did the following 3 exercises:

  • Lunges
  • Squatts
  • PlankJacks

Plank until All Complete

Getting close to time but School Bus Hill called to us, so we did one run to the top of the hill and then ran over to The Range Parking Lot.

Then we noticed oh great, a few minutes still left, so a few more exercises for the grand finale!

  • The Merkin IC X 15
  • The Flutter Kick IC X 20 (?)

Total of Greater Than 2 Miles Included between exercises! (2.2 Miles measured)


Thanked Our Lord for being able to be out here and do this. Prayers for those who can’t.

Goal: To see our Father in everyone we meet today!

Rhododendron Festival This weekend

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