Northeast Tennessee

No Workout for Old Men!!!

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

19 Pax cut through the fog and endured multiple movie quotes and references, in 66 degree morn to help YHC cross the threshold into the twilight (swidt) of my life.

* TTT x10 IC

*WMH x 10 count per side

*LBAC Fwd x15 IC

*LBAC Bkw x15 IC

*Morrocan Nightclubs x 15 IC

*Block Thrusters x 20 OYO

*Block Curls x 20 IC


Farmer Tag – One PAX Farmer carries 2 blocks toward the end of the Great Lawn while the other pax does an exercise then runs to catch up, switching places, WRR until both reach the end of the Great Lawn, Plank on the six, regroup and continue farmer tag back to the start.

Round 1. Farmer carry/5 Burpees/Switch/WRR/Down (plank on 6) and Back (plank on 6)

Round 2. Farmer carry/10 Squats/Switch/WRR/Down (plank on 6) and Back (plank on 6)

Round 3. Farmer Carry/10 Mercans/Switch/WRR/Down (plank on 6) and Back (plank on 6)

(Modified) Round 4. Bear Crawl/10 Squats/Switch/WRR/ Down (Plank on 6)

(Modified) Round 5. Lunges/10 Squats/Switch/WRR/Back (Al Gore on 6)


Block Curls x 10 IC

Block Lawnmowers x10 IC Each Side

Block Bentover Rows x 10 IC

Split Pax into two teams for 75 Second Seal Situps AMREP (30/32reps)


Today is my 45th birthday.  I realized this week that there aren’t too many 6’2″ 280# 90-year-olds around. So by the numbers, I am in the TWILIGHT of my life.  I’m in the waning years.  The average lifespan in America is 78, so if you have reached 39…Guess What???  I pondered my legacy, what mark am I leaving on my world.  I thought about the great men in my life, some I know personally and some I just admire from afar.  I thought about people that have done great things, big things, and then I wondered what have I done? Then I had an epiphany…Leaving a mark on the world isn’t always a grand gesture or building an empire.  Often times it is investing in a single person.  It can be believing in someone and encouraging them to do great things.  Influencing just two people expands your footprint.

Albert McMackin probably didn’t find too much significance in his life as a hired hand at a dairy farm outside of Charlotte NC in the 1930s, but he encouraged the families eldest son, William, to go to a series of tent meetings led by Mordecai Ham. That single act of encouragement started the ball rolling that led Billy Graham to later be called “the most influential Christian leader of the 20th century”… Pick someone this week and invest in them, you never know which seeds will take root and thrive.

Isiah 117 house tonight, 2nd F Pool Party, Get on the Q

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