Northeast Tennessee

“Not that Stupid Hill Again!” – @Mayfly commentary on June 22nd Warriors Path

Northeast Tennessee Warriors' Path (Duck Island)

Muggy Day after a Rucking Warm up for some
DISCLAIMER  In addition to disclaimer @Louie was advised that it was no longer dark when we started and he needed to be more discreet about taking care of bodily functions!!
SSH, Abe Vigoda, Mercs, LBAC
Grab a Coupon and truck it across the causeway to the dreaded hill.  This caused @Mayfly to say “Not that Stupid Hill Again!”  @Wilbur explained that by moving up a hill with a burden you could exert more over shorter distance compared to flat ground.  @Mayfly was not comforted by this.

PAX were instructed to truck it up the hill after completing 10 jump squats.  Carrying either a sandbag or block make it up the hill and drop the coupon and complete 1 burpee.  Back down the hill then 9 jump squats and then 2 burpees and so on till you did 1 jump squat and 10 burpees.  This took us up to 45 minutes or so.  Double time back to parking lot and unload burdens.

Mary was passed around with BBSU, LBC, Flutter Kicks, Planks, Side Planks and other core exercises till time was expired.

PRAYER – Prayer for those not with us
Encouragement to find those men needing F3 and EH them.

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