Northeast Tennessee

Everything but the Kitchen Sink & ABCDs

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

In the muggy, clear, 65° gloom of the morn, 30 PAX showed up to start their day off strong with another Iron Horse/Arrowhead Monthly Convergence.

  • Motivators from 7
  • TTT IC x10
  • Willie Mays Hayes, 10 ct. Both legs
  • LBACs, IC x10, forwards & backwards
  • Frankensteins IC x10
  • Merkins IC x10


Converging together, Jake & YHC split the PAX into 2 groups and swapped midway through the workout.

Jake bludgeoned the PAX with the below workout:

Everything but the Kitchen Sink Dora

Run 10 Yards, bear crawl 5, backwards 5 and run to finish.

100 Big Boy Sit Ups

100 Heels to Heaven

100 Squats

100 LBC

100 Imperial Walkers

100 Jump Squats

100 American Hammer

100 Calf Raises

100 Shoulder Touches

50 WW2 Sit Ups

100 Pickle Pushers

100 Overhead Arm Claps

100 Freddie Mercury

50 Lieutenant Dans

100 Hillbilly Walkers

100 Merkins

100 Dying Cockroach

100 Arm Pretzels

YHC gave the PAX a little lesson in their ABCDs. PAX ran laps around the field with 4 stop points. At those points, PAX performed the following exercises, adding 5 reps to the exercises after both laps:

Lap 1-

  • 1) Al Gore’s 30 sec (add 5 seconds each lap)
  • 2) Burpees x5
  • 3) Captain Morgans x10 each leg
  • 4) Dollys, 4ct x10

Lap 2-

  • 1) American Hammers x10
  • 2) Big Boy Sit-ups x10
  • 3) Catalina Wine Mixers x10
  • 4) Dips x10

We had just enough time for Flutter Kicks x25 IC.

YHC gave thanks for what F3 NETN has been in my life since living here. The support and encouragement I have received since starting has been a necessity in my life that I didn’t realize I needed. I am able to be myself and not my title at work or in my church. The freedom I have been able to have here has been quite refreshing. I’m so grateful for my initial EH I received from a friend of mine. It makes me want to share it with others that may be missing out. But most importantly, those I am close to.

So, PAX, I challenge you, pick one person and EH them. Pour into them. Relate to them. And invite them to F3. It’s so much more than just working out. It’s community.


– 2nd F Family Pool Party July 13th 11am-3pm. Some of us will also be running the Crazy 8 that night so that’s always a great combo for the day. We will post more info re address, food, and such later this week

– Murph – Annual 4th of July Murph. With the exception of Arrowhead, all AOs are open so the Murph is optional. 6:30am start time.

-Summer Movie Night is TONIGHT (Saturday) night. Start showing up around 8:30pm. (504 West Locust) Bring a camp chair and what you want to drink.

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