Northeast Tennessee

Dora dropped the BOMBS

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Range (Science Hill)

It was hot, I mean really hot.  It was so hot I saw a chicken lay an omelet.
LBAC 20 IC each direction

TTT 10 IC Low n Slow

LBC’s 20 OYO
YHC has aspirations of greatness when planning this morning’s Q. I felt bear crawls and lunges mixed in with a little BOMBS routine would be in order, However a few of the PAX had already stated they could not lunge after a Q earlier this week so YHC took pity on them and came up with a much easier routine.

BOMBS starting at 5 each, run to the top of the stairs and back. When you return to the station you increase the routine by 5. Rinse and Repeat till YHC calls time. To be honest YHC had planned for this to last for the remainder of the Q, however looking at the PAX and considering the longevity of my life, YHC called for a DORA audible.

With approx. 15 minutes to spare we did the following:

Box Cutters 100

LBC’s 200

Frog Kicks 300

Partner two still running to stairs and back.

Wish we had more time, but if you recall it was hot and we did not move fast.
In case you missed it, it was so hot I saw the squirrels picking up nuts with pot holders on.

F3 Pool Extravaganza this Saturday…..

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