Northeast Tennessee

A Q for the pax and by the pax

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

It was 0630 in mid July, there were 6 of us and it was humid.  You get the picture.


ssh x 17

TTT x 10

willy mays hays x10

windmill x10

lbac x10

all done ic

mosey lap

While YHC was describing the exercises for Dora the pax began to express some slight dissatisfaction with the order of the exercises.  Being a qic of the people that i am, I decided to give the pax what they wanted

Dora consisted of

100 block kettlebell swings

200 squat presses with block

300 curls

while p1 performed the exercises with 1 block P2 ran approx 40yrds with the other block and left it  there at the end point and ran back   Then p1 ran to get it and brought back to start while P2 was continuing the assigned exercises  R &R until all reps were completed

Quarter pounder: all pax lined up with 100 yards in front of us

run 25 yards do 25 merkins. Bernie Sanders back to start  run 50 yards do 50 squats, Bernie Sanders back to start. Run 75 yards perform 75 Mtn climbers, Bernie Sanders back. Run 100 yds , Bernie Sanders back.  All was done as a unit instead of oyo.  Again the democratic qic that I am felt the pax had earned the privilege of working as one today .

Round robin of dealers choice exercises. Flutter kicks, James Bond, alphabet, 1 min plank, little baby crunches

Get thee to the pool party. Great work and t-claps to pbs and all that helped organized it.

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