Northeast Tennessee

Pedialyte – Everything that I hate

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

A delightful 61 degrees greeted 24 PAX to enjoy a plethora of exercises that, while hated by Pedialyte, are extremely effective at increasing the suck factor for all involved.

The Warmup

• Slaughter Starter, yeah I hate Burpees
• TTT IC X10
• Willie Mays Hayes IC (10 second count)
• LBACs IC X10, Reverse X10, Chinooks X10
• Merkins IC X10
• Imperial Walkers IC X10

0538 – I am slow and hindered by a tender Achilles tendon, so I hate to run these days.  Having said that, we then participated in an Indian Run around track, ending back at the shovel flag.


Each man is to partner up. Grab a block or bag.

Partner #1 – Block curls AMRAP
Partner #2 – Bear Crawls to lighted cone and Bernie Sanders back
Switch roles and continue until called.  I won’t get into politics, but I am NOT A SOCIALIST!

0550 – Mosey to Thiggy’s Hill. Exercises will be done IC unless otherwise noted.  Even though Honeysuckle named that hill by the baseball field for me, don’t think that I like it very much.  

• Block Squats X10 (IC), Run up hill, perform 5 Burpees, return  This is the suck part.  Plank until the 6 is back.
• Block Curls X10 (IC), Up hill, Burpees, return
• BBSU X20 OYO, Up hill, Burpees, return
• Overhead Presses X10 (IC), Up hill, Burpees, return
• Flutterkicks X20 (IC), Up hill, Burpees, return
• Merkins X10 (IC), Up hill, Burpees, return

0610 – Mosey back to the shovel flag.  Roxanne to complete the workout.  My signature closing.

While God uses his still, small voice to reach us directly, speaking into our minds, originating thoughts there instantly, he uses that very same voice to also reach us indirectly—that is, by speaking directly into the minds of others, directing a few of their thoughts, and then allowing them to use their spoken or written words to take his messages the rest of the way, to us. It may be that one of us, one in need of hearing from God, isn’t used to hearing from him, or doesn’t recognize his voice or just isn’t listening . . . or maybe doesn’t want to listen. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that God uses people who are listening and do want to hear to reach others who need to hear. It could be the inspired words of a pastor in the pulpit or the encouraging words of a friend at a coffee shop or the challenging words of brothers in a men’s group . . . or any one of many, many other possibilities.

Please see homepage for details.  The PAX are encouraged to go to Kingsport (Wilderness Road) this weekend.

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