Northeast Tennessee

Burpees and Lunges…and…Burpees…and Lunges…and…

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail) Iron Horse (Founders Park)

20 PAX from Iron Horse, The Range, & Arrowhead converged upon the Iron Horse AO on  a muggy morning, not knowing what birthday bludgeoning was coming from Jobs, along with another flavor of pain from YHC.
Jobs kicked off with a birthday ritual massacre of a Slaughter Starter of 42 burpees… Lord, help me. For those that finished before everyone else, they had the joy of doing V Ups until everyone else was done. Circle of Pain, it was.
Pax then split into two groups. One went with Jobs to endure the Deck of Death, consisting of 4 exercises, depending on the suit, with reps in association with the card number/face drawn.

  • Jack-Webbs
  • Lt. Dans
  • American Thor’s
  • Jumping Jack Burpee Flash

Whoopi lead a standard Dora with a little twist. Partner up. One Pax runs to one end of the field, performs five Burpees and returns while the other Pax performs 100 Carolina Dry Docks, 200 2-ct Lunges, and 300 Dying Cockroaches.

After about 20ish minutes, the groups switched and endured the same flavor of pain.

Circle up and perform Bear Crawl/Plank/Merkin combo for last 2 minutes of time.
Operation Chin Strap.
Meet the Mountains Festival coming up on August 23-24. F3 will have a booth and will have standard workout time at Ironhorse.

August 10th Wilderness Road Anniversary Convergence, 7 am, meet at Duck Island. Other AOs will be open, but try to make the convergence to support our other Kingsport brothers.

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