Northeast Tennessee

Good Ole Fashioned EMOM

Northeast Tennessee Kingsport Wilderness Road (Dobyns-Bennett)

Nice morning for work.  8 PAX showed up to put it in.
Hillbilly Walker x 10 IC

Imperial Walker x 10 IC

SSH x 20 IC

TTT x 10 IC
Mosey to the goal line on the band practice field.  Partner up for some burpee broad jump/running combo.  PAX 1 begins the burpee broad jump the length of the field while PAX 2 runs down to the opposite goal line and back to their partner.  Switch off at that location; rotate back and forth until both PAX are at the far goal line.

Turned around and bear crawled to the 30 yard line and pump out 10 merkins.  Crab walk 30 yards back to the goal line.

Mosey to the front of the school where the benches are for some EMOM work.  An oldie but a goodie really.

  • Minute 1 – 7 burpee box jumps or step ups.  Complete as fast as possible and rest for the remainder of the minute.
  • Minute 2 – 10 merkins followed by 15 air squats.  Complete as fast as possible and rest for the remainder of the minute
  • Repeated these two every minute on the minute for a total of 18 rounds before time was called.

Circled up and began with what has become QIC’s favorite core exercise.

Boat Canoe on the QIC’s count

Dying Cockroaches x 20

Heel taps x 25

Leg lifts to draw a box x 5

Wilderness Road convergence on 8/10, Good Samaritan 3rd F opportunity Friday evening at 6PM.  Launchpad has details.

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