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DMX (and PBS) Gon’ Give it to Ya

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

We’ve had some great Q’s lately with thoughtful research and deep historical significance. This was not one of them. 26 doods showed up to sweat and suffer in the name of getting better, with numerical inspiration provided by DMX.


  • Inchworm X 5: OYO
  • LBAC x 10 IC F &R
  • TTT x 10 IC
  • High knees 30 seconds
  • Merkins x 10 IC


If your sandbag is twice the weight of a block, then cut reps accordingly.

DMX Tribute Workout 1:

  • 26 x weighted squats – How many times DMX is going to give it to someone in “X Gon Give it to Ya”.
  • 7 x burpees – How many times DMX said he’d stop, drop, and then shut it down to open up shop in “Ruff Rider’s Anthem”
  • 12 x hand-release merkins – how many times DMX references violent behavior in “What’s my name”

As many rounds as possible for 12 minutes – one minute for each of DMX’s 7 studio albums and 5 compilation albums

Rest for 60 seconds.

DMX tribute workout 2,:

  • 42 Mountain Climbers (1 ct right leg)  – how many times DMX says “Here Comes the Boom” in “Top Shotter”
  • 16 Coupon cleans – How many times DMX is slippin’ and/or fallin’ in “Slippin”
  • 30 Lunges – how many times DMX says “What” in his famous collaboration with Jay Z, “Money, Cash, ***”

As many rounds as possible for 11 minutes

Rest for 60 seconds

DMX Tribute workout 3:

  • 24 ski jumps over coupon (1 ct right leg) – the number of DMX’s music videos
  • 8 Man Makers – 2008 is when DMX’s first greatest hits album launched “The Definition of X – the Pick of the Litter”
  • 17 Bent over rows with coupon – DMX has sold over 17 million albums

As many rounds as possible for 10 minutes


25 Flutter Kicks IC.

A Q based on the rap music of a late 90’s east coast icon seemed like a dumb idea. And it was. But as I researched his life, I found out he began life as a victim of a negligent, drug abusing, physically abusive mother. Starting at age 14, he lived on the street and befriended stray dogs to stay out of his Mother’s household.

He’s a drug addict. His life is complicated. He’s been and out of jail his entire life, and owes millions in taxes and child support. DMX is also a Christian. He’s a transitional deacon and is working on his ordination as a minister. He’s shared the gospel with many on the inside of prison walls, which is more than I can say for me.

The point of all of this? The East Coast / West Coast Rivalry in the 1990s is unquestionably the golden age of hip hop music and has yet to be surpassed. That’s the main point. But an important subpoint is that we are no different than this rapper – we carry things we can be proud of and things we can be ashamed of. We’re not better than him. He’s entertaining, but he’s not a joke. God made him, too.

Are you misjudging anyone this week?

Convergence next week at Warrior’s path. Be there! Get your shirt orders.

And welcome FNG, Chyna (wrestling coach – gotta love F3 names!)

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