Northeast Tennessee


Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Range (Science Hill)

I woke up a little crabby after not sleeping well.  I apologized in advance if I came across as harsh toward the 9 Pax who showed up in the gloom to get better.
TTT x 10 IC

Willie Mayes Hayes x10 R & L

LBAC x 15 IC both arms
Mosey over to skate park with blocks.  Set blocks aside and do some follow the leader bear crawl around the skate park.  The Pax broke up into 3 groups of 3.  Each member of the 3 man team took on one of these three tasks:

  • 15 burpees
  • Lunges up path toward road carrying block
  • Bear Crawl up side of hill toward baseball field

When the Pax completed their burpees they had to choose one of their teammates to switch with.  Continued switching occurred.  Cold Call then stopped the suffering and brought all the Pax together for another round.  This time the 3 tasks were:

  • 50 Side Straddle Hops
  • Bernie Sanders up grassy hill and jog back down
  • Fireman’s carry two blocks up path and back down.

We moseyed back to the parking lot and finished with COT a minute late.

No time for MARY
I’ve been thinking a lot about balance the last few weeks. Today the exercises tested our physical balance (bear crawl in skate park) as well as our ability to balance two equally pressing options, the need to relive two fellow Pax who were hard at work and waiting for relief of their task.  As my parents moved to Johnson City recently, I have been thinking about the important ways I will need to support them as they age.  But, the priority to balance the responsibilities to helping my mom and dad will need to be balanced with my responsibilities to my wife, my kids, church, work, etc.  My word of encouragement to the Pax was to give others and ourselves grace when we don’t do a great job of balance.  Sometimes you just have too many things to attend to at anyone time and you have to make tough choices and someone or something is going to suffer while it waits its turn in line to be addressed.

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