Northeast Tennessee

Peridita’s 101 (A Borrowed FiA VQ)

Northeast Tennessee Kingsport Wilderness Road (Dobyns-Bennett)

Couldn’t be a better morning to come sharpen that iron. School starting up is slowly fulfilling the promise of higher numbers once summer is over and we were all ready to get down to business. A special note – YHC stole this WOD from my M (Perdita) who has joined FiA NETN and is preparing, with Yukon’s M (Carnival), to plant an FiA AO in Kingsport. The purpose was to share the intensity and get more F3 PAX to EH their wives and explain how easy it is to Q so that the new FiA AO can get a solid stable of Qs before launch. If you know any ladies who might be interested, message @Jamboree on Slack and we’ll get them connected to Perdita and hooked in to FiA right away.

10x Abe Vigoda IC
5x LBAC IC Flapjack
100x SSH (Done 50x IC)
90x Squat OYO
80x American Hammer OYO (1 Side = 1 Count)
70x High Knees OYO (1 Side = 1 Count)
60x Lunges OYO (1 Side = 1 Count)
50x Freddie Mercury (Done 25x IC)
40x Block Curls OYO
30x Jump Squats OYO
20x Block Tricep Extension OYO
10x Hand Release Merkin
1x “Lap” (~1/4mi) Indian Run (Around Band Field to Breezeway and Back)
“Kicker” Note: Recover from each ex w/ 10x BURPEE OYO, +1 B4 “Lap” = 101 BURPEEs Rx.
During Perdita’s VQ @ Rosies After Dark there was a Burpee Train. #IronHorse PAX indicated that trains vary wildly in length (just like #WR PAX) and that a good number would be 20-30. We did have 1 Burpee Bus for 10x BURPEE OYO but at the end we added 20x BURPEE OYO more for good measure. Then @Yukon did one more for the camera so we could show our Ms what they did to us. That means we all did 131 BURPEES this workout which isn’t nothing. We all agree that FiA Kingsport is going to be a very respectable thing and we can’t wait to help out any way we can!
Persevere – Not just in large but small things. Finish that nagging project, but know that Love isn’t dependent on it. God and YHC love you no matter what.
More about FiA incl. thoughts on proposed AO – Centennial Park. Reflections of a killer convergence TClaps to @LittleDebbie who we missed this morning.

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