Northeast Tennessee

Four Corners

Northeast Tennessee Kingsport Wilderness Road (Dobyns-Bennett)

It was a quiet morning, as Yukon whispered the sweet countdown to time to start for 14 brave PAX (some slow rolling in late, others their first time posting with their FNG infancy on full display).  The gloom was perfect weather for the love that was about to be shared through suffering in the name of Sample’s 41st birthday.
Side Straddle Hops IC x 41 two count ; LARGE arm circles IC forward 11x four count, backward 11x four count

Battle buddy up, because Yukon likes accountability.

  1. Burpees x 41 per battle buddy group (20-21 each)
  2. Wheel-barrel to station two (alternate battle buddy halfway)
  3. Merkins x 41 individually
  4. Mosey to station 3
  5. Block Dips x 41 individually
  6. Walk to the wall
  7. Coupon handoffs x 41 (both coupons = 1 rep) one battle buddy below wall, one battle buddy on top of wall
  8. Mosey to station 1
  9. Push press coupon x 41 individually
  10. Bear Crawl to station 2
  11. Farmer Carry 100 yards battle buddy switch halfway to station 3
  12. Coupon handoffs x 41 (both coupons = 1 rep) one battle buddy below wall, one battle buddy on top of wall, switch positions from previous rotation
  13. Assemble back for station 4
  14. Coupon curls x 41 individually
  15. Mosey to COT location

Big Boy Situps x 41; Flutter kicks IC x 41 four count; Crunches x 41; Plank on forearms PAX count around the circle until 41 is reached
FNGs were welcomed and named.  Welcome Mulligan and Big Cheese!

Resilience – Physical, Mental, & Spiritual.  We should all seek constant progress.  Most of us can think of this as a triangle of resilience and the majority of individuals are stronger in two aspects of the triangle and leave little focus on the third…that is where F3 comes in for me.  Where I am weak or vulnerable I struggle (mostly due to pride) to reach out and lean into people who can help support me.  There are very few arenas in a man’s life that it is acceptable to display or even discuss weakness, however F3 is a group that we can be honest about who we really are.  We push our bodies to create suffering which always breeds camaraderie.  This camaraderie can be translated through fellowship into a strong support group.  Iron sharpens iron and we have made a promise by continuing our investment in F3 to each other that we will do what we can to hold each other accountable but also to help each other thrive and continue to seek the best versions of ourselves.  I had to cut my moleskin short due to time this morning, but I wanted to expand on my thoughts from this morning.  Press into the relationships you have, if you feel like you can connect with someone you know through F3, reach out to them and do something other than working out in the gloom and see how you can build each other up so you can EH others and include them in this fellowship.  If you know someone who used to come to F3 and haven’t seen them in a while, reach out to them and see how you might be of service…or get them re-engaged.  To my brothers I have found and chosen, thank you and work hard, work smart.

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