Northeast Tennessee

Honeysuckle’s August Fall Break

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Hill (Science Hill)

A record 18 PAX showed up at The Hill to enjoy a recycled Honeysuckle Q from October 2017. A humid 65 degree morning added just the right amount of suck to the plan.
TTT – 10 IC

WMH – 10 IC

Warm-up Lap

Goal line warm-up moves
QIC recalled this Q well due to the longest Indian Run in NETN history. Time to set the bar higher. PAX formed two lines and began an Indian Run which lasted roughly 3 miles around The Hill. We lost a few along the way but they made their way back home.

Arrived back at the track around 6:05 to finish out the Q as only Honeysuckle would. Beginning at the goal line, one burpee, sprint to the 10, and Bernie Saunders back to the goal line. Two burpees, sprint to the 20, and Bernie Saunders back. Continue up the ladder to 10 burpees or until time was called.

Total mileage if finishing all the burpees was around 4.25 miles. Strong work!



Honeysuckle is a true testament to commitment, hard work, and consistency. In a span of 18 months, he’s gone from being the six to running back to cover the six from the front of the pack. Well known for the threat of a good ol’ burpee PT test, he’s offered up some of the most memorable Qs we’ve seen. These would include a tribute to Apollo 11 where he left the flag at the AO just as the team did on the moon and the infamous corn cob injury of the Iron Horse Indian run of 2018. The memory that stick in my mind the most for Honeysuckle would be his first 5K. We talked him into signing up route unseen and it turned out to be the most brutal 5K I’ve run to date. He finished strong and made the podium. 3rd place out of a field of 3! But just like high school cheerleading, those are just details!

Fall Break


Don’t forget to sign up to man the booth for Meet the Mountain….I think there’s a signup sheet or something

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