Northeast Tennessee

Block Party for FiA

Northeast Tennessee Kingsport Wilderness Road (Dobyns-Bennett)

The morning air was stagnant, making the humidity heavy, but 13 PAX trickled in somewhat on time. Osmosis and Wilbur (R) put in a little EC with a 30m Ruck beforehand – I believe I saw a bonus sandbag along for the ride as well.

As YHC has been proclaiming, FiA is coming to Kingsport thanks to FiA NETN along with YHC and Yukon’s Ms. They’ve got a ton of interest and want to pump their launch with a block painting party at some point. Now anyone who knows anything about painting blocks for workouts knows that they come covered with loose grit and sharp edges so I thought we could be gentlemen and take care of the paint prep for them.

10x Man-Maker Burpees OYO
10x IC Unless Otherwise Noted:
– Block Calf Raises
– Block Lunges
– Block Squats
– Block WWIISU ( Keep Arms Straight Holding Block)
– Block American Hammers
– Block Curls for the Gurls
– Block Merkin
– Block Tricep Extension (Tapped Out at 5x)
– Block Overhead Press
Mosey Lap
*Now to Scuff The Blocks Up Real Good*
20 Blocks of Plank Pull-Through Tunnel Down & Back
2x 20yd Block Pull Bear Crawl or Mod: Sliding Block Drive
20 Blocks of Over/Under Bucket Brigade Line
12 PAX 2 Block Farmer Carry Indian Run
– Last man in line farmer carries 2 blocks to front of line and sets down before taking leadership of the line. When new last man in line reaches blocks he does the same until initial line order is achieved.
Block Mosey to Fart Alley
50ct Wall-Sit Holding Block Overhead
10 Down by Trolley
50ct Wall-Sit Holding Block Out Front
Short Recovery
50ct Wall-Sit Block Can Only Touch Hands
Block Mosey to Trucks Interrupted by BURPEE BUS – 3x Man Maker Burpee as tribute.
Time Up
Same thing as every day – Climbing Not Sliding. Do what you know is right.
Paw Patrol’s VQ on Saturday. Several Saturday Regulars Won’t Be There So Consider Coming Out to Support

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