Northeast Tennessee

The Pain Train goes to Tombstone

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

23 PAX rolled into Iron Horse anticipating a smoker recycled Rite Aid Q. A humid 64 degree morning was optimal conditions for some cardio on Tombstone.

Slaughter Starter

HR Merkin – 5 OYO

Imperial Walker – 15 IC

HR Merkin – 5 OYO

Hillbilly Walker – 15 IC

HR Merkin – 5 OYO

TTT – 10 IC

HR Merkin – 5 OYO


Ranger’s Pain Train on Tombstone

4 rounds

Run to the 1st cone, 10 squats, return to the start 5 burpees

Run to the 1st cone, 10 squats, run to the 2nd cone, 10 merkins, return to the 1st cone 10 Squats, return to the start 5 burpees

Rinse and repeat starting with the first cone


Break into 2 groups

Group 1 -> Wall work

5 decline merkins

10 step-ups (each leg)

15 dips

Rinse and repeat until time


Group 2 -> Hill work

Partner 1 -> up Tombstone Hill -> 5 burpees

Partner 2 -> AMRAP LBCs until partner returns


And….along comes a train just before we could escape it many, many, many cars.


Rite Aid is an OG of OGs. We have many high caliber HIMs among the ranks for NETN and he is without a doubt atop the list. Often a man of few words, when he does utter them as the QIC they are usually followed by pain. Rite Aid loves some cardio and a good hand-release merkin. I’ve joined him for many workouts and Elvis is frequently sighted. A memory that sticks out was a Sunday when we met to log some miles around JC. As we approached the McDonalds near the Mall, Elvis made an appearance. I recall logging more than a mile running circles around the parking lot as the employees stared on, likely curious why I was circling the golden arches like a vulture awaiting a Big Mac.

Revisiting F3JC Day 1…with golf balls

Great opportunity this weekend to share what we have in F3 NETN. Sign up for a slot to cover the booth with a few other PAX. Nothing like laying the EH down drive-by mode. Kardashian should really make a sheet for sign ups???

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