Northeast Tennessee

Carolina SMOKED BBQ!!!!

Northeast Tennessee Wilderness Road (Dobyns-Bennett)

August 27, 2019

AO: Wilderness Road (D.B. High)

Carolina Slow Smoked BBQ

QIC: Deputy Dawg 

Pax: Little Debbie, Louise, Mayfly, Scrum, Trolly, Sample, Jamboree, Tenderfoot, Bopeep, Osmosis, Wilbur, Yukon, Daisy, Brain Freeze, FNG (Pictino)

It was a “gloomy” gloom as 16 HIM wondered into the parking lot for some Wilderness Road beat down. Today was a special Q for myself as this was my VQ as a Transplant from NC. I decided to make this a memorable and ambitious Q to show I was dedicated. 



•Indian Run with Merc from parking lot to E Center/ Park

• Through the Tunnel x 20 

•Moroccan Nightclubs x 20 

•Windmills x 15



1  Sprint/ Prisoners

2 High Knee/ Mountain Climbers 2 count 

3 Sprint/ Burpees

4 High Knee/ LBC 

1 Sprint/ Squats

2 High Knee/ Bobby Hurlees 

3 Sprint/ American Hammers

4 High Knees/ Jump Lunges

**After Action disclaimer we did not “build up” (station 1= 10 Station 2 = s10+ s20, station 3 = s10+s20+s3 etc…) on the second set of 4 corners so that we could complete remainder of work out**

Mosey back to the Shovel Flag 

Coupon Dora

P1 100 – 2 CT Merc offset on Coupon Blocks 

     200 – Curls with the coupon 

     300 – Squat Thrusters with the coupon 

P2 Mosey 5 Burpees 

Ball of Man

It was a great post! We initiated a new FNG by showing him ‘yes you can do burpees in the rain’. When we started our 4 corner circuit it started raining and by the end of the work out we were all thoroughly soaked. T-claps to all who showed up. Thank you. 

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