Northeast Tennessee

Avoid the goo / Something left in the basement

Northeast Tennessee Kingsport Warriors' Path (Duck Island)

Avoid the GOO Something left in the basement guest Q from Ducktales (F3 Chattanooga)


Mosey to bb court

– Carioca

– Butt Kickers

– Mosey to where the dogs bark constantly



– Windmill

– Merkins

– Shoulder Tap

– Mountain Climbers

– Parker Peters

Mosey around island to trail up to tennis quarts


Partner up


– Partner 1

– cone 1: burpee broad jump, sprint back

– cone 2: duck walk, sprint back

– cone 3: lunge walk, sprint back

– Partner 2

– keep doing squats until Partner 1 is finished

– 3 sets of this

– reverse Indian Run back to bb quart picked up a pax along the way.

– DORA: 100 Merkins, 200 (more) squats, 300 flutters

Band Camp on Q

– Mosey back to COT

– A Gross (12 reps of 12 exercises)

-Upper Body: Merkins-single count, Overhead claps, Moroccan Night Clubs, Merkins-in cadence

-Lower Body: Squats, Lunge, Cossack Lunge, Jump Squat

-Core: Flutter, Dying Cockroach, LBC, Freddie Mercuries

– Mosey back to shovel flag




Duck is still high from growruck AYE! Per grow school 15 per F3 nation  slaughter

GOO The cultural philosophy of universal Happiness.
GOO NATION Those for whom Goo is a legitimate Organizational Purpose


Per F3 Nation Uncle and grow school breakout sessions Something left in the basement; reference Rocky movie

We as fathers, husbands, sons, co works, church members have something in each our basement as men. Don’t let Goo get you down and enable you from using what’s in your basement when you are called on by your family, community, etc.

Prayer request: silents, marriages, fart sacks and sad clowns.

Announcements: (little Debbie) links spartan race

Csaup 5k followed by 1/2 marathon next morning

Chattanooga goruck light come and ruck with some F3chatt and FIA you complete Ducktales will also patch you with a scenic city ruck patch our F3chatt ruck club.

Thank you Men of F3NETN for letting have the honor of being a guest Q. This was one of my summer goals I gained from listening to the weekly podcast


-Ducktales F3chattanooga Huey AO HIM

Mike Holtzhower

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