Northeast Tennessee

Guns and Ammo

Northeast Tennessee Iron Horse (Founders Park)

A humid 64 degrees welcomed 15 men to put in some work
Because the motivator from five isn’t too taxing on the calves, we did a Chumba-burpie.  What’s that? play Tubthumping by Chumbawamba and do a burpie every time they say “I get knocked down”, in between SSH to the beat.  After about minute 4 is when things get sucky.

A breathy TTT and LBAC (forward) and LGAC (reverse) all were sufficiently warm and limber.

The Work

Mosey to the field for a double 21.

On one side a 21 of dips and pickle pounders starting at 16/5, why 16/5? seems to YHC that getting on the ground for anything less than 5 is a waste. Anyway, after that bear crawl across the field to the second 21 of wide ‘Merkins and monkey humpers.  After that, run the loop around the park to the first station.  R&R.

14 seconds remained by the time the 6 made it back to the amphitheater. No mary.

This is a kooky thing to celebrate but yesterday I raced my 13 year old, cross country running, neice and ran her till she barfed.  3 years ago I would have been laying in the ditch after mile 1.  She spilled the merlot at 3.5 and ceded me the winner.   Like I said, Kooky.
Celebrate with The Range tomorrow as SubPrime takes over.  Thanks to RiteAid for his work in leading it till now.

Keep Hee Haw in your prayers as he is out in the Rockies tackling a 14eener.  Safety and fun in that order.

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