Northeast Tennessee

Aerosmith On Tour

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

21 Pax showed up for an Aerosmith Historical Tour of downtown Johnson City.
TTT x 5 IC SLOWLY, WMH 10 count each side, Down Dog 10 count Slow, 10 Block Thrusters

Overhead Carry Blocks to the base of the hill at the back of the parking lot (Whitney St)

25 Block Curls – for Aerosmith’s 25 Gold Records

18 Overhead Presses for their 18 Platinum Albums

12 Block Thrusters for their 12 Multi-Platinum Albums

Carried Blocks up Whitney St to the corner of Whitney & Hamilton and Repeat 25 – 18 – 12

Proceed to 303 Hamilton, where Steven Tyler made out with the chick in the Rag Doll video.  YHC informed the Pax of Holly Knight’s crucial role to receive credit as a Songwriter on Rag Doll….the original song was Rag Time, she changed one word and got royalties for life.

Partner up and do the numbers collectively without letting the blocks touch the ground until back at Founders.

  • 32 Burpees – Since Rag Doll was released in September 1987, 32 years ago. Carry Blocks towards Founders.
  • 57 BBSU – 57th on the Rolling Stone top 100 Artist of all time
  • 70 Mercans – 70 Million Albums sold in the US
  • 150 Squats (some did block squats) – 150 million Albums sold worldwide

Who could forget a 17-year-old Liv Tyler coaxing the young farmer off of his moving tractor in the Crazy Video?????

Farmer Tag – Pax 1 does a 2 block farmer carry while Pax 2 does an exercise and runs to catch Pax1 and they switch.  Down and back on the Great Lawn (Yeah, that is the official name)

  • First Round – 8 mercans – For the 8 top 10 hits Aerosmith Recorded
  • Second Round – 3 Burpees – For the 3 Number one hits
  • Third Round – 3 Burpees- because that was so much fun
  • Fourth Round – (Modified) Bear Crawl instead of Farmer Carry  – 8 Mercans

71 Seconds of flutter kicks in honor of the Deamon of Screamin’s 71st birthday.

YHC had a rough Morning on Friday and reacted in a manner that was a little too harsh for the situation with one of my kids.  After realizing my mistake, I humbled myself(something that was/is very difficult for me) and apologized. I received a text back from my daughter that was an absolute blessing.  IF I would not have swallowed my pride, I would have missed that blessing.  Challenge to the Pax to humble yourself and make the first move…reach out to someone and try to repair any broken/strained relationship.  You never know what kind of blessing can come from it

Welcome FNG BEVIS, he was a volunteer fireman when the firehouse burnt down….fire fire, huh huh, fire, yeah!!!  Make sure your ICE info is in Slack.  There is a Spreadsheet for something, but Kardashian wasnt there to tell us what for….

This Video was filmed at Freedom Hall, on Bourbon Street in NOLA, at a frat house in the Tree Streets and from 3:34 – 4:48 at our location at 303 Hamilton Street

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