Northeast Tennessee

Sound Good? Let’s Go!

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

65 and nice. Low humidity, partly cloudy…all in all a beautiful morning for a workout.
PRAYER – no time, we’ll do it at the end 
COP – whoops 

Warmup: one medium speed mosey lap around the first section of Founders. This allowed pax to mention we’d forgotten the prayer and circle (disclaimer said I’d probably do a thing or two wrong!). This lap did allow us to collect a couple late arrivals. Welcome fellas!

SSH x 50

Old Man Stretch Left and Right (if you know then you know)

Jimmy Dugan (avoid the clap)

Merkins on me x 10

Mtn Climbers x 20 // Enough

THE THANG – intended to use Northeast CC parking deck. It was gated up so quick audible to the triangle/rhombus/oval/shaped set of roads that lap Wild Wing Cafe

Lap 1: Run to Tombstone hill and at the base 10 squats. Run up backwards, and then 20 Speed Skaters (Bonnie Blair’s). Run to next corner by Wild Wing and 10 more squats.

Lap 2: Repeat lap but plug in Jump Squats and Jump Lunges.

Burpee Train Q-jacked me. At my old AO we also had a Burpee train. It was cool to experience it up here but even cooler the fact the train was so short! Got in 12 burpees. For good measure, asked pax to do 8 more.

Lap 3: All Monkey Humpers. 80 total with the 4th set added at the top of Tombstone.

Mosey to lot beside the farmer’s market pavilion thing for a Dock Webb. 1 Dry Dock/ 4 Bear Crawls. This up to 10/40.

Grab some wall under pavilion. People’s chair for 30 seconds. Then 1 minute hold with Air Presses IC.

Mosey back to COT for the Derkin Wave. All pax with feet on the wall. Guy on end starts, each pax follows…like a wave. Down and back. Then second round go down and hold it until the wave makes it back to you. This x 2. Also, this sucked.

Back to circle. 20 American Hammers and 25? Flutters. Wrapped with a little protractor action. Thanks again to whoever called out “90!”!

CIRCLE OF TRUST – I nearly butchered this 
PRAYER – got this part right 
MOLESKIN – I appreciated what Whoopi said about F3. It can be such a force for good in men’s lives. It’s awesome to see how close the brothership (a word I made up in the circle) is up here. You guys have a great thing going. Honored to lead today and honored to now be a part of it. 

ANNOUNCEMENTS – Kardashian mentioned something about a Goliath or Gorilla thing in the gorge. Comparable to Spartan. See him for more details. 

Have a great day fellas!

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