Northeast Tennessee

Priorities, Podcasts, and Pain

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

16 PAX, 67 degrees.


  • Through The Tunnel 10 IC
  • Little Baby Arm Circles 10 IC
  • Little Baby Arm Circles 10 IC (reverse)


The “thang” this morning was to do cumulative group work based on some estimated averages per man x the # of men in attendance. I may or may not have lost count a few times, causing us to do more than the prescribed numbers, especially regarding the hill climbs. Sorry, not sorry.

Five things:

  • 1,600 LBCs
  • 1,280 Block Curls
  • 960 Squats
  • Mosey to the hill
  • 640 Merkins
  • 160 (give or take) trips up and down Tombstone Hill (w/ 10 Boat-Canoes after each)


No time.


Prayer request: Hooker’s dad is having treatment for a staph infection.


The final word in today’s COT was just a quick reminder to prioritize our lives, to persevere in doing good, and to see every day (not just January 1st or “next” Monday) as an opportunity to start again.

We’ve all heard teaching about putting the big rocks in the jar first, about budgeting your 168 hours, about long days and short years, and about placing value on eternal things. I’ve had dozens of resets and do-overs in my 49 years, and today marked the most recent commitment to do better, so I thought I’d invite others to join in, whether it was their first, twentieth, or one hundred and twentieth attempt.

We had a family meeting at my house on Monday night, where I laid out a new plan for how to manage school for my kids (I homeschool and I’ve not being doing a very good job of it the last four weeks). When we finished talking about how that was going to work, and after adjusting my plan a bit based on some feedback from the kids, we updated the family calendar, and made a commitment to start today. Literally, all of my kids hugged me when we were done and thanked me, beaming. They felt loved and seen and valued and heard, and I had a clear game plan for how to help them succeed.

And *THAT* will change your behavior. Connecting my behavior to the health and well-being of my family, and to the likelihood that the future that I’m imagining will come to pass helps motivate me to do hard things.

Because the pain of failure is worse than the pain required to succeed.

Whether your goals are financial, spiritual, physical, relational… Whatever. Quit letting your life just happen to you (and to your family). Stop floating wherever the current takes you (and takes them). Define your values. Visualize a future for yourself and for your family that you want to be a reality. Then make a plan, rally around it with your team, and get it done.

Establishing your priorities and proceeding in an orderly manner brings its own reward.
It’s what wise men know, and do.

P.S. Andy Stanley has a solid sermon series called “How to get what I really want” that is basic, but man does it include some great principles and truths about giving up what you “want” in order to get the future that you *really* want. Check it out on YouTube or hunt it down on his Your Move podcast.

P.S.S. I also highly recommend Dr. William Lane Craig’s “Reasonable Faith” podcast, as well as, Jordan B. Peterson, The Bible Project, Truth For Life, and Answers In Genesis podcasts. I also recommend about every fifth guest on the Ben Shapiro Show and The Rubin Report and every tenth guest on the Joe Rogan Experience. Podcasts are a great way to learn, grow, have your ideas challenged, and learn to defend them — all while you do other things (like driving, mowing, showering, or anything else that doesn’t require your full attention). Happy listening!


  • Goliath at the Gorge, Tennessee’s toughest obstacle run, is coming on Saturday, October 19th. Visit to get registered. Reach out to Kardashian if you have questions about team availability etc.

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