Northeast Tennessee

Roaming Around The Range

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Range (Science Hill)

10 men enjoyed a light leg day at the The Range. Here’s how it went down.
PRAYER – you betcha
COP – got it too

One warm up lap around launch lot. No stragglers, let’s head towards the football stadium.

SSH and Mtn Climbers x15 IC, Merkins x15 OMD, dodge a car driven by a teenager, Old Man Stretch, lets mosey!


Kardashian was kind enough to open up the track for us!

  • 2 Burpees OYO
  • 48 Burpees as part of Modified Burpee Mile. At each 200 interval, 6 burpees
  • At the end, we had 50. 10 more sounded reasonable
  • Mosey to stadium steps. Attempted dips at the bottom of each run. No bueno…and steps were too low. Audible out back to track
  • Lt Dan to exit the track. 1 squat: 4 walking lunges. We made it to 7
  • Grab some wall. 1 minute hold. 30 seconds both feet, 15 seconds right only, 15 left only
  • Mosey back to starting area to Hill with a flag on the light pole near the top of it. Not sure what that campus road is named, but that’s where we went. 7s on that hill with Jump Squats and Monkey Humpers there
  • Last thing AYG from the bottom all the way to the top…backwards

MARY – A little
PRAYER – check
MOLESKIN – Thanks for the chance to lead and thanks for the hard work and thanks to Kardashian for showing up early to open the track

Science Hill is an awesome AO. So much to do. I wonder how a burpee Mile would go if we did it on a big hill instead of a track…

ANNOUNCEMENTS – Goliath. Kardashian posted details on #NETN channel. I believe I also heard there’s a gathering with the Knoxville pax on Friday? at White Duck. 

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