Northeast Tennessee

Fun in the Field

Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

6 PAX showed up in the chilly gloom for some fun on the field

Merkins X 10 IC
IW X 20 IC
Through the Tunnel  X 10 IC
Willie Mays Hays X 10 IC

We divided into groups of two liked sized individuals. Priority was on weight, secondary height. Beginning in the south end-zone near the goal, I explained how each individual would need to assist their partner when they reached their limit. Partners always begin together and finish together. One person is going to be doing an exercise until they can’t do it anymore, then they will switch until another limit is reached or they reach the other end of the field.

Trial #1: Partner Carry – Any carry method will do. The standard back carry was the most popular. The objective was for one member to carry their partner towards the North end-zone and back. The carrying partner could call for a switch at anytime. Most teams made the 100 yard journey fairly quickly with only one switch. My compliments to those teams with 20-50lb differences between partners.

Trial #2: Wheel Barrow – One partner fixates on the shoulders and legs straight while the other struggles to keep their partners feet low. Positioning to reduce the shoulder angle and associated shoulder strain. Far more switches were called in trial #2 compared to trial #1.

Trial #3: Lunges/squat jumps – One person lunged while the other was next to them completing a full squat and jump. They progressed together. Again many switches were made to allow rest from the previous exercise.

Trial #4: Cherry pickers/shoulder pretzel – partners walked slowly together 100 yards x2 while doing one of the two exercises. Surprising how quickly the shoulders burn with simple exercises after the wheel barrow activity.

100 yard sprint to get the heart rate back up!

Trial #5: Bear Crawls/crab walking – Possibly the most difficult pairing given fatigue and soggy ground. We made the best of it with efficient switches.

With such iron hard PAX in attendance, we had plenty of time leftover to snake across the field from sideline to sideline, performing 5 squats on one sideline, mosey to the middle of the field for 5 burpees, then mosey to the opposite sideline for 5 merkins. Scoot over 5 yards and do it again. Take note that the number of each exercise is equal to the number of yards you traveled, so if you ended up at the 40 yard line, you did 40 of everything

Finished up with a nice round robin consisting of Flutter kicks, American Hammers, LBCs, and boat/canoe


I am thankful for my F3 brothers and the encouragement we give one another. Although the first F may be the loudest reason we come, the 2nd F is the deepest. Spending time with other men who are also striving to be better husbands, fathers, employees, and community leaders is an inspiration to me, and I thank you.

Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.
Proverbs 27:17

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