Northeast Tennessee

An Explora Dora 10/11/19

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City

A cool, crisp, invigorating 54 degrees with clear skies awaited the 11 Pax plus a running Felt tip.
Hee Haw, Launchpad, Whiplash, Homer, Cheeks, Precious, Matlock, Charmin, Rudy, Cold call, Jar Jar, and Felt tip.

Willie Mays Hayes 10 count each leg

Mosey to Parking lot in front of New Gym

(Watch our for the curb as YHC but the dust after planting the flag)

Plankinstien – (plank position then raise one extremity for an 8 count finishing with the combos of right arm left leg then vice versa.
Mosey to the circle at the back of Liberty Bell and Freedom Hall

YHC wanted to expand the current AO’s footprint by exploring new uncharted terrain.

Dora 1,2,3

100 body rows. Partner 1 starts while partner 2 Ran up and down the steps on the side of FH. Flip Flop until reps are completed.

200 lunges (2 legs equal 1). Partner 2 runs up the stairs beside LB then over to the stairs beside FH to make a loop. Flip Flop until reps are completed. (YHC called and audible, after first 100 reps, one leg equaled 1 rep)

300 reverse crunches. Partner 2 ran up steps and the around the upper exterior of Freedom hall then back down to make a loop. Flip flop until reps are completed. (Not sure if any pair finished)

Due to distance from COT we had to Mosey back with about 10 minutes remaining.

Reverse Plankinstien (Start with combos first then down to one extremity at a time. Finish with a plank hold length of your desire.

Shoulder Taps – started with slow deliberate tap and hold each side twice then 10 – IC

Heels to Heaven 10- IC

Flutter Kicks – 20 – IC

YHC relinquished control your the Nantan to allow him to lead his favorite Elevator Merkins.

Remember Matlock’s 2.0 who will be traveling to St. Judes for some tests concerning possible blood disorder.
Goliath at the Gorge a week from Saturday

With cooler weather we are reminded to keep pushing and not let that become an excuse. Also, start preparing but getting appropriate gear for the cold temperatures ahead.

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