Northeast Tennessee

Thanksgiving Down the Ladder

Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

10 Pax gathered on Thanksgiving to put in some work on a 38 degree morning. 1 Pax continued moring ruck trying to get in miles to reach his monthly goal.
SSH – IC – 40

TTT – IC – 5

Willy Mays Hayes – 10 count each leg

SSH – IC – 20

2 Rounds of 5 exercise starting at 10 and working down the ladder.

Round 1:

Burpees, Squats, Lunges (LR count as 1), Merkins, Plank Toe Taps (Think Mountain Climbers but touch alternate hands to toes when bringing the feet forward)

After each rung on the ladder the PAX would run a stair lap.

Round 2:

Wall Jumps, Dips, Incline Merkins, Boat Canoes (3 second hold on Canoes), Decline Merkins

After each rung on the ladder the PAX would run a bridge lap.

Completion of each round equals 550 reps. All the pax made it through Round 1. I believe all the Pax made it through rungs 10 and 9 of Round 2.

I had the Pax pair up to hold each other accountable. Thanks to Swingline for holding me accountable. He showed the meaning of leave no man behind. I know I held him back from his normal workload. He mentioned getting lapped by the Ancients (his affectionate term for the Respect group). I know Swingline would have been leading the Pax if I had said OYO.

No Time

Take time to reflect on the Peaks and Valleys of the year and give praise for both. Remember those who are traveling, those not with us, those sick, and those hurting emotionally, mentally, or physically.

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