Northeast Tennessee

6 pax used Dora to prove we live on a globe

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

6 pax posted on a perfect 40° morning 

ssh x15 ic

lbac’s forwards and reverse x10 ic

abe vigoda x10ic

willy Mays hays 10 r/l

imperial walker x15 ic

yurpees x20 oyo 
Pax mosey to the left towards the front of the school and stopped at the end of the bus lane  Partner up for 1st part of Dora: 100 merkins, run length was the equivalent of the second light pole   

Mosey to playground for second part of Dora: 200 squats, run length was to second light pole but pax needed to Bernie Sanders halfway back  

mosey to flagpole at bottom of hill for round three   300 lbc’s while running partner went up n down the hill   

Mosey back to flag by taking a left at the track to complete the full loop from how we started.  Pax circled up for 5 rounds of yurpees doing 2 at a time while other pax held either a plank or al gore around the circle when not performing said yurpees  

Next pax lined up for 5 rounds of gassers


dealers choice. Completed:

flutter kicks

american hammers 

boat canoe 

Somehow prior to warmup we got in a conversation about flat earth. So YHC used the AO to go in a complete circular route with Dora to illustrate the nonflatness of said earth 
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