Northeast Tennessee

Soggy Circuits

Northeast Tennessee

13 Pax were not deterred by the cold rain and stepped out into the very soggy, very sloppy swamp that was Founder’s Park for 11 stations of fun.
Because YHC knows the dangers of doing stupid things like lifting heavy objects without properly warming up, we started with a few stretching exercises. Through the Tunnel x 10, Willy Mays Hayes 10 count each side, and a 20 count Down Dog, followed by a slow mosey park loop to explain all stations.
Pax broke into pairs and completed the 11 stations that were set up around the park.  Each pair started at a different station and proceded around the loop until all 11 were completed.

  1. Build that Wall – Overhead carry 26 CMU (Blocks) 30 feet and restack them into a wall.
  2. Run the Loop – Carry the Shovel Flag for a run around of the park loop, Alan Kulwicki style.
  3. Bear Crawl – Partner 1 AMRAP LBCs, Partner 2 Bear Crawl 50 yards, Swap.
  4. Thruster toss – 40# sandbag toss across thefield and back
  5. Side Toss – 40# sandbag toss across the body. Across the field and back.
  6. Wheelbarrow – 50 yard Wheelbarrow and switch.
  7. Burpee Frogs – A game of leepfrog using burpees. across the field and back.
  8. Farmer Carry – Partner 1 AlGore, Partner 2 carry two 5 gal buckets of water 100 yds, swap.
  9. Step Squats – Step up on the bench, rt leg, lt leg, full squat=1.  100 reps per team.
  10. Lunge Walk – Partner 1 lunge walk 30 yards, partner 2 AMRAP Hydrolics, swap.
  11. Heavy Carry – work as a pair to carry 150# sandbag from the wooden man, around the ampitheatre, towards the stairs and across the new bridge (aprox 250 yards).

If a pair of Pax were speedy enough to get to the station before the pax in front of them vacated it, they did burpees until the station was clear.

We did a short mosey to the Model Mill Site to learn that 13 pax cant really pick up a 40′ telephone pole safely, so we moseyed back to the AO for a finish of one round of Farmer Tag.  Pax 1 farmer carried 2 CMUs (blocks) while pax 2 did 5 Burpees, then ran to catch pax 1 and swapped.  Full length of the park and back (about 350 yards).

Wrapped up with 35 seal situps – interlocked arms as a unit

Just a reminder to remember Whoopi’s words from the previous workout about the Peace of the Christmas Season and how were are usually doing the opposite.  Christ came to bring Peace and we remember his birth by amassing as much chaos as possible during this season.  Be still, be patient, be kind to others…you may be the only reflection of Jesus they see today.

3rd F service at Good Sam.

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