Northeast Tennessee

Yurpee EMOM’s and Sandbags

Northeast Tennessee Kingsport Wilderness Road (Dobyns-Bennett)

10 PAX, 20 degrees outside, we needed some movement to keep us all warm.
Merkins IC x 12

Air Squats IC x 12

SSH IC x 12

2 mosey laps around the parking lot
First set was to be a 20 minute EMOM

  • First minute – 5 Yurpees, rest remaining time
  • Second minute – 10 merkins, 15 bodyweight squats, rest remaining time
  • Repeat.  At minute 14 the QIC called an audible and did the last 4 rounds on 45 seconds instead of EMOM so we could get on with it.

Second set just took the remaining time.

  • Line up at one of the parking lot with your sandbag.
  • 10 sandbag curls, 15 bag bent over rows, 20 bag back squats, 5 bag bear complexes, burden carry your bag to the opposite end of the parking lot and back.  Rest ~60 secs.
  • 10 bag curls, 15 push press, 20 back squats, burden carry down and back.  Rest ~60 secs.
  • Modified Cindy; 5 bent over rows, 10 merkins on the bag, 15 bag back squats, burden carry down and back.  Rest 60 secs.
  • Repeat modified Cindy

Mosey back and circle up.

Flutter Kicks IC x 20

BBSU’s OYO x 25

1 min. high plank hold
There seems to be a lot of tension among some people right now, particularly around what’s going on in the political world.  Remember, particularly this time of year, that there are bigger, more important things that we should be thinking about, and giving thanks for.  What’s happening today outside of that is just a blip in time that will one day be forgotten

Breakfast on the 21st has been canceled.

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