Northeast Tennessee

PBS 3 Year AnniQ

9 doods showed up. Thankful for each one and for those with us in spirit. DISCLAIMER COP Insert information about the warmup. THE THANG With the amount I currently travel, the only way I can stay fit is to workout on the road. A Tabata workout has become my best

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12 Pac came out to some warmer weather (31 degrees instead of in the teens). I did this Q once before at The Range but decided to use it again with some modifications. DISCLAIMER PRAYER COP Stair lap. TTTx 15 Little baby arm circles x10. This got interrupted by a

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Deck O’Cards

13 pax came on a cool morning in the gloom to get better. DISCLAIMER PRAYER COP Run to the amphitheater Merkins Lunges And a few other warm up exercises. THE THANG A deck of waterproof cards were brought out. Hearts represents burpees Diamonds represents Mercans Clubs represents Freddie Mercuries Spades

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