Northeast Tennessee

The lazy 4k (laziness optional)

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

6 doods made it out for a recovery workout on a balmy 50 degree morning. I wanted to offer some options for the Pax that hurt themselves this week to still get out and enjoy the glorious gloom. Baby was tricked by Mother Nature into joining us because the rain didn’t start in earnest until we were well underway.


  • Dynamic warmup:
    • Jog
    • High Knees
    • Karaoke
  • BFAC x 10 IC forward and Reverse
  • TTT x 10 IC
  • SLOW Merkins x 10

Mosey to the top of the hill.


Confession time: I love me a Kilo 5K (thanks, Rudy for introducing it), which is 1000 reps and 5k worth of running. However, few doods can complete it on time (myself included). So I came up with a lazier version. You can take the lazy exercise for recovery (no shame in that!) or the non-lazy option if you’re feeling fresher than I am today.

Station 1 is at the top of the hill, station 2 is at the bottom of the hill, .125 miles away. 5 sets of exercises at the top, then 5 at the bottom and running back is 1 lap. 10 laps – 1000 reps and 4k of running.

Station 1

Station 1: Lazy | Non-Lazy
10 Merkins | 10 Diamond Merkins
10 Heels to Heaven | 10 Heels to Heaven IC
10 Monkey Humpers | 10 Baryshnikov Squats
10 Squats | 10 Jump Squats
10 SSH IC | 10 Burpees

Station 2: Lazy | Non-Lazy 
10 lunges | 10 lunges IC
10 pickle pounders | 10 single-leg PP (1 ct rt leg)
10 dry docks | 10 chicken peckers
10 plank jacks (2 ct) | 10 Peter parkers
10 BBSU | 10 V-ups

40 flutter kicks IC. No doods finished the lazy 4k, though some took harder options on the exercises. We’ll be doing this one again for sure!


Pray for health

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