Northeast Tennessee

10×10 Smoker

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

Conditions were perfect at Arrowhead as 13 NETN PAX arrived at the AO for some work.


Lets get started right with a little slaughter starters – 20 burpees OYO

TTY – 10 IC

IW – 10 IC

LBAC – 10 IC then reverse 10 IC

Grab your block and mosey to the playground parking lot.
10 cones were setup in a rectangle around half of the parking lot spaced 3 parking spots apart. Beginning at the first cone do 10 reps of the respective exercise and then move ahead for 10 more reps at each cone. Then mosey back to the starting line for some block work before moving on to the next round. Rounds were as follows:

  • Merkins -> lunge to the cone -> 25 block squats
  • Squats -> bear crawl to the cone -> 50 block KB swings
  • Dry Docks -> broad jump to the cone -> 75 block presses
  • Burpees -> run to the next cone -> 100 block curls

Most PAX made it to the Burpee round but no one was able to get to the curls. Definitely a recycle coming on a Saturday when we have more time


Arrowhead anny convergence coming up Feb 1st 7am.
Jonesborough scouting starts this weekend.

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