Northeast Tennessee

3 year prison patdown

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

14 PAX showed up for a 3-year anniversary Q led by YHC with the same dreary weather as the last 2 weeks, Seattle style (at least it wasn’t cold!).

Motivator from 7 – except Donatello who started at 5 and whined the entire time.  Jobs cracks a joke.

TTT (IC) X 10

Abe Vigoda (IC) X 10

Shoulder pretzel (IC) X 5 then LBACs forward (IC) X 10 followed by Cherry Pickers & Moroccan night club then LBACs in reverse (IC) X 10 followed by Cherry Pickers & Moroccan night club then shoulder pretzel (IC) X 5, then recover

The Merkin (IC) X 10

Mosey to the playground

Partner up. Partner 1 stays in the cell (area of 2 parking spots).  4 corners: first corner Merkins X 15 lunge to corner 2 and complete squats X 15 then lunge to corner 3 and complete Carolina Dry Docks X 15 then lunge to corner 4 and complete WWI Sit-ups X 15 and rinse and repeat until relieved by partner 2.  Partner 2 completes 5 pull-ups, 5 burpees, then runs a light post suicide in the parking lot, then relieves Partner 1.  Rinse and repeat until time is called.

Flutter kicks (IC) X 41

LBCs (IC) X 10

Boat/Canoe on the QIC for 60 seconds

Elevator Merkin until time is called

3 years and 55 lbs ago I showed up at Arrowhead to join a group of PAX at a new AO.  I’ve grown to love this band of brothers (well, most of them).  I’ve both grown and shrunk thanks to the men in F3.  T-claps to Donatello and the OGs in NETN, Iron Horse and Arrowhead who started this journey for me.
Saturday is the first F official launch Q for the Immortal Station AO in Jonesborough.

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