Northeast Tennessee

40 Practices

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Range (Science Hill)

11 Pax showed up on a balmy Ash Wednesday for the first Range Q at 5:15 instead of the old 5:30 start time.
40 SSH (20 IC)
39 Imperial Walkers (19 IC + 1)
38 LBA Circles (19 IC F & B)
37 Slow Squat (18 IC + 1)
The Thang
Lent, a 40 day time from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday (not including Sundays). Goal is to focus on Christ. Taking things away that are distractions or adding practices to live more intentionally.
Today, 40 exercises, starting with 40 reps of the 1st (SSH) 39 of the 2nd (Imperial Walkers) and will go down to 1. After each exercise I will name a practice that might be worth considering to help you get better and to live more intentionally. Please think about choosing one or more practices to incorporate beginning today for the next 40 days and lets look back at Easter to see how these daily practices have shaped us to become better.
36 Plank Jacks (18 IC) Practice: Fast from a food. Choose something you depend on.
35 Burpees OYO Plank for 6 Practice: Read Scripture or passage from a text of
wisdom daily.
34 V Ups OYO Al Gore for 6 Practice: Train for an event or set an exercise goal daily.
33 Jump Squats OYO Plank for 6 Practice: Write an encouraging note or email daily.
32 Merkins (16 IC) Practice: Sit in silence/meditate for 5 minutes daily.
31 Lunges (R+L is 1) Al Gore for 6 Practice: Fast from technology daily.
30 Side Hops (R+L is 1) Plank for 6 Practice: Spend 10 minutes of quality time with a child
(or each of your kids) daily.
29 Overhead Press OYO Al Gore for 6 Practice: Volunteer an hour of your time.
28 Flutter kick (4 count IC) Practice: Help someone with something anonymously.
27 Dry Docks OYO Plank for 6 Practice: Make a financial donation to an organization
you are passionate about.
26 Boat Canoes IC Practice: Pray for others in need.
25 Monkey Humpers IC Practice: Give up eating meat.
24 Peter Parkers (IC R+L is 1) Practice: Pause 5 seconds before speaking.
23 Kettle Bell Swings IC Practice: Plant a tree.
22 H. Rel. Merkins OYO Al Gore for 6 Practice: Tell someone you love, you love them and why.
21 American Hammer w Block IC Practice: Give some things away to bless another.
20 Curls IC Practice: Ask someone you have authority over how you
can help them or serve them.
19 Manmakers OYO Plank for 6 Practice: Write a poem or song.
18 Dying Cockroaches IC Practice: Learn a new industrious skill.
17 High Knees (IC 4 count) Practice: Plant a garden and cook from the bounty.
16 Partner Block Pass Al Gore for 6 Practice: Intentionally get to know someone who is
different from you (poor, gay, different race, etc.)
15 Donkey Kicks Plank for 6 Practice: Try to make others laugh or smile
14 1-Leg Squat Jumps Al Gore for 6 Practice: Express gratitude to another who helped you
become who you are.
13 Bonnie Blairs IC Practice: EH someone and post with them.
12 WWI Situps IC Practice: Read a book, take a class or challenge yourself mentally.
11 Dec. Merkins (Partner Hold Feet) Practice: Buy your wife or sig. other a gift or write them
a card or note.
10 Bicycle Crunches IC Practice: Go for a slow walk or hike in nature.
9 L Baby Crunches Practice: Give up alcohol (via 3 Mile). Thanks for sharing, brother.
8 Pickle Pounders IC Practice: Drink more water (ex. 20, 40, 60 oz a day).
7 Mountain Climbers IC Practice: Get more sleep (ex. 8, 7.5, 7 hours a day).
6 Jump Lunges OYO Plank for 6 Practice: Ask for forgiveness and how you can restore.
5 Partner Leg Throw Downs Practice: Memorize a Scripture or quote.
4, 3, 2, 1 Pax Choice Practice: 4, 3, 2, 1 Pax Choice

See above note after the warmup that served as the Moleskin. We didn’t get through everything. Ran out of time at 9 and mixed up some numbers from what is printed above. But, you get the jist. Strong work!

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