Northeast Tennessee

The Immortal 30 Launch Week 3

Jonesborough Immortal Station (Jonesborough) Northeast Tennessee

6 Pax came to Immortal Station this morning. There was snow, and a little ice on the ground, but mostly it was just wet pavement. Temperature was around 30-32 degrees with just the slightest hint of a breeze. OK, so actually it was a little windy. Cheeks and Deep Dish teamed up for 3rd F Q on week 3 of our launch cycle
PRAYER- Cheeks
Warmup- Cheeks

LBAC X 10 IC (F/R)

The Thang- Deep Dish

This was version 2.0 of the workout we hope to make a recurring Immortal Station workout- The Immortal 30. Version 1.0 was tested about a month ago, and it was tweaked to add to the fun (or lessen the fun based on your idea of “fun”)

Do Exercises in order with following exceptions- number 29 and number 30:

1.   Whenever coupons are available, you can go do your Farmer Carry down and back between cones and then return to exercise sequence

2.  Whenever ropes are available, you can go do your 30-second battle rope waves and then return to exercise sequence

The Immortal 30- Jonesborough
1 Merkins x30
2 Squats x30
3 LBCs x30
4 Supine Coupon Tricep Ext x30
5 Carolina Dry Docks x30
  Bridge lap then 6 Burpees  
6 KB Swings x30
7 Curls x30
8 Forward Lunges x30 (R/L=1)
9 Reverse Crunch x30
10 Supermans  x30  (2ct hold=1)
  Bridge lap then 6 Burpees  
11 Overhead Press x30
12 Reverse Lunges  x30 (R/L=1)
13 Jump Squats X30
14 Peter Parker  x30 (R/L=1)
15 Block/Bag Bent-over Rows x30
  Bridge lap then 6 Burpees  
16 Side Lunges x30 (R/L=1)
17 American Hammers  x30  (4ct=1)
18 Bear Crawl 30 yards down/30 yards back
19 Supine Coupon Press x30
20 Flutter Kick  x30  (4ct=1)
  Bridge lap then 6 Burpees  
21 Decline Merkins x30
22 Heel Raises at curb x30
23 Skater Hops  x30 (R/L=1)
24 Mountain Climbers x30  (4ct=1)
25 Plank 30 seconds
  Bridge lap then 6 Burpees  
26 High Knees  x30 (R/L=1)
27 Incline Merkins x30
28 Burpees x30
29 Battle Rope- alt waves 30 seconds
30 Farmer’s Carry  2 blocks 30 yards down/30 yards back

If you complete the list, rinse and repeat from the top until time is called

There was no rinsing and repeating today. Some of us finished just in the nick of time. Others finished with a little “overtime” period.

Mary:    UMMM…….NO! No time


Announcement  –None today. So I will add this–  Keep working on getting guys out- both old and new


Moleskin- Cheeks 

Faith is about believing in something greater than yourself. For many in this area, Jesus Christ is in whom we put our faith, however; if that is not your faith, we encourage you to continue your pursuit in F3 and live a life of faith/belief. The struggle of every man’s life is trusting in his own actions and believing through his own strengths that he will conquer the world alone. Faith alone humbles a man to recognize that Life is more about others than himself. Therefore, acceptance of the F3 values does not make you a faith-filled individual, but it will challenge you to think more deeply and look to your fellowman for help. It will also give you an opportunity to  believe in something greater than yourself. The Faith value of F3 is lived out in the way we love each other. Love is a sacrifice and we must sacrifice our individual goals to help our brother. As we sacrifice for each other, your faith will build me and my faith will build you. As we grow in our Fitness and Fellowship, Faith will be a natural occurrence and part of our journey together. As GK Chesterton, “A dead thing can go with the stream, but only a living thing can go against it.”
We want you to recognize that what we do here at F3 is not typical or something that goes with the flow. We are a living organization of men planted to go against the normalcy of life and we want you to be a part and help us grow in our faith as we encourage you to believe is something bigger than yourself.

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