Northeast Tennessee

4 corners revisited

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

Rainy, Lightening, Under shelter at Farmers’ Market. 12 Pax stayed for a modified 4 corners. 1 Pax Rucked (Twilight)
SSH – 19 IC (YHC miss counted)

Batwing – 10 IC (LBAC forward, reverse, front clap, overhead clap)

Hand Release Prisoner Cell Merkin Burpee – 3 OYO

Yurpee – 3 OYO
YHC thought he would bring back his 4 corners from The Range. Modified to fit under the Pavilion at the Farmers’ Market.

4 Stations: 4 Rounds adding the next round with the previous rounds prior. Reps of 10 for exercise #1 (round 1), Reps of 15 for exercise #2 (round 2), Reps of 20 for exercise #3 (round 3), and Reps of 25 for exercise #4 (round 4). **The 4th corner does not follow the rep counting. It has a special set of reps considering most exercise require multiple burpees as one rep.

Goal: Go up the ladder then down.

Chest / Arms:

10 – Hand Release Merkins

15 – Carolina Dry Docks (New for this Q – replaced ALT Plank Shoulder Taps)

20 – Merkins

25 – Dips


10 – Lungers (2:1)

15 – Jump Squats

20 – Ballerina Toe Squats (on your toes, squat)

25 – Monkey Humpers


10 – V-ups

15 – Heels to Heaven

20 – Boxcutters (New for this Q – replaced LBCs)

25 – Flutterkicks (2 ct)

Full Body:

1 – BOPO

2 – Yurpees

3 – Hand Release Prisoner Cell Merkin Burpees

5 – Burpees

1 min. of Jackknife crunches or V-ups. We can’t find a difference.

Global Warming: Pax hold Al Gore and shuffle Clockwise while one Pax knocks out 5 merkins (normally 10 but cut in half for time). Continue until all Pax have completed 5 merkins.
PRAYER: Thanks for these men and for allowing us to come put in work. Greatful to have visiting Pax and for the ability to travel and post downrange across this great nation. (Didn’t mention this during the actual prayer, but the storsm we got this AM were from tornadoes that touched down in Nashville. Prayers to those families who lost loved ones and property.) 
None: Special thanks to Flashback for visiting from downrange (Knoxville)

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