Northeast Tennessee

Roll and go

Northeast Tennessee

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Willy Mays Hays, Merkins, Motivators from 5.


20-sided dice rolls and hill repeats.

  • Roll a 1-5, do that many burpees
  • Roll a 6-10, do that many jump squats
  • Roll a 11-15, do that many heels-to-heaven
  • Roll a 16-20, do that many mountain climbers
  • Do 5 hand-release merkins at the top of the hill, with each round.

Flutter kicks in cadence to 25.  1 minute of burpees on your own to finish up.
Give someone a chance to prove you wrong!  I shared an experience from last week’s Go Ruck 50 miler in Atlanta.  We took on a gentleman in search of a team.  He was well trained, but also gave the disclaimer that he was a Type 1 diabetic and was on an insulin pump.  The thought of having to render aid at some point along the course did cross my mind.  With all that this event has to throw at a person, Type 1 diabetes can be a real danger.  However, this guy was a trooper and stuck with us all night.  His navigation skills were spot on and he probably helped us shave some miles and time off of our total route.  I would be glad to do another event by his side!
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