Northeast Tennessee

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Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

A dozen pax made their way back to arrowhead for the first official weekday post following the mandatory hiatus.

Ssh x15ic

WMH done the proper way

Abe Vigoda x10ic

Imperial Walker x10ic

LBAC f&r x10ic

slow merkin x10

In order to stay true to the intent of slowly reopening AO’s YHC asked the pax to bring their own coupon for a deck of cards q   Furthermore there would be no running but somehow someway we found a way to incorporate some cardio

  • ❤️ Merkins
  • ♠️ Kettlebell swings
  • ♦️ Mountain climbers ic
  • ♣️ Curls
  • Aces 10 burpees
  • 🃏 1 min plank

Boat canoe

heels to heaven

flutter kicks
To say one never knows what will happen when posting to a workout is an understatement.  Today’s was a perfect example, one might say we had it all. Blocks. Burpees (always a crowd favorite am I right).  JCPD and a visit from the Johnson City chapter of the Irish Mob (who knew we even had that here).

But that does bring up a bigger point. We are a community, and F3 I might add is a pretty tight community. We go through a lot together and, speaking for myself, push harder and do more here than I would at any gym.  That being said, we never really know when our minds may fail us, or our bodies for that matter.

Stay classy F3 NETN

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