Northeast Tennessee

AO tour that went from grate to grate

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

10 pax including 3 FNG’s showed up on a perfect 50° morning for a redux of the ao tour q.
Ssh x15 ic

abe vigoda x10 ic

wmh x10 ic

imperial walker x10 ic

lbac x10 ic forward and reverse.
slow merkins x10 ic

Pax mosey to bleachers

P1 25 dips P2 hold al gore  mosey to side of school by baseball field  P1 25 ssh ic P2 American hammer  mosey to corner of school P1 30 squats P2 LBC  mosey to playground  P1 15 pull-ups P2 Freddy Mercury’s   Mosey to swings P1 20 under dogs P2 heels to heaven  mosey to mid point of hill P1 25 merkins P2 flutter kicks  mosey to top of hill P1 10 burpees P2 hold plank   At each station once P1 finishes count flapjack with P2   All exercised are done in reverse order with P2 starting the counts   Mosey back to flag

Pax then split back into P1 and P2 with P1 on north end of front stretch and P2 on south end  both sides have a grate in the grass next to tack approx 100 yards apart  P1 runs towards P2 upon reaching said partner that partner sprints to other end  R&R

Boat canoe

elevator merkins

box cutters

amrap jump squats for final minute

Welcome 3 FNG’s

John Brandon works at SS admin: Golden Years

Jackson Simmons gold dusts’ 2.0 wearing duke apparel: Hurley

Josh Deboard army, hunter and fisherman: Vegan
Murph on Monday

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