Northeast Tennessee

Global Running Day at the Range

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Range (Science Hill)

A 65 degree morning welcomed 15 pax to the Range for a celebration of YHC’s favorite quarantine work-outs combined to celebrate Global Running Day.
Cutting to the chase with TTT (15 count) and Willie Mays (10 seconds each side).
Mosey to Station One at the bottom of the hill at CTE Building. Divide into 2 groups.

  • Thunder and Lightning: Group 1 does 10 BBSUs at bottom of hill before sprinting to top; Group 2 sprints to top and does 10 merkins.  Rinse and repeat until time was called (apx. 15 minutes) before mosey to Station Two at the track.
  • V-Ups and the Quarter Mile: Group 2 does 10 v-ups before running the quarter-mile track; Group 1 runs the quarter-mile first.  Rinse and repeat until time was called (apx. 15 minutes) before mosey to the stairs on the tiered parking.
  • Johnny Dramas and LBC Run: Group 1 does 25 Johnny Drama’s (One of Jar-Jar’s exercises of the month on the stairs) before running a stair lap stopping for 25 LBC’s; Group 2 begins with LBC’s. Rinse and repeat until time is called. 
  • Hill Run to the Fence: An audible was called pushing the pax up the steep hill by the parking one time before returning to the AO.

One minute plank.  Mileage ranged from 2.6 to 3.4 miles for pax today.
YHC has been dwelling on the fact that all of us have few worries about venturing out into the darkness to go exercise with our friends.  We need to be purposeful and mindful of those who do not feel that same freedom and lack of worry.  We need to listen and act as healers during this time.
Watch Slack for information about the Morristown AO kick-off and remember this is the last week of the food drive for Good Samaritan.

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