Northeast Tennessee

King of the Hill

Jonesborough Immortal Station (Jonesborough) Northeast Tennessee

It was a beautiful morning for a hill workout. The goal was to tackle Hotel Hill, but ti was too dark this morning, so we settled for the BRUTAL Magnolia Hill. 11 PAX embarked upon a journey they did not want to take; however, YHC, did not want to take the journey either, but it needed to be done. 

Warm Up

  • .SSH x 20 (IC)
  • Bridge Lap
  • Plank Jack X 15 (IC)
  • Buttkickers in between the parking lot islands
  • Slow Squat X 10 (4ct) (IC)
  • TTT X10

Hill work is never fun, but it seems to be a lot more fun with other PAX who hate it as much as you do! We did the first 4 exercises with a partner and then the last two were done as an entire group, but ended up being our MARY. 

  • Partner 1 – sprinted up the hill while Parnter 2 did squats X 5
  • Partner 1 – did suicides up the hill while Partner 2 did lunges X 5
  • Partner 1 – bear crawled up the hill while Partner 2 did LBCs X 5 
  • Partner 1 – Broad Jumped up the hill while Partner 2 did Heels to Heaven X 5


  • Group Work 1:  All 11 PAX lined up next to each other in a Plank position. The first person did 10 merkins and then did a sprint up the hill. The next person in the line began their merkins once the PAX before them began their sprint. The rest of the PAX help a plank until it was their turn. Upon re-joining the line, the PAX would begin to hold plank again until all PAX were finished with their sprint. 
  • Group Work 2: Same as above, but this time we did 5 burpees and did flutterkicks/LBCs while waiting for our turn and the last PAX to finish. 

I just shared that I do that things I don’t like to do because it helps me get better. I shared the importance of persistence and not giving up. James 1 discusses this when it states that would need to consider it ALL joy when we face trials of many kinds…We are put in tough situations for a reason. As we continue to build our persistence, our confidence will build as well. 
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Good Samaritan food needs to be brought by Saturday morning. 


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