Northeast Tennessee

A Post-Pandemic Back Blast of a Pre-Pandemic Birthday of 12-7-2019

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

This is a Very Very Late back blast for a workout on my 57th birthday On December 7th, 2019!!! Now that my 57 and 1/2 birthday occurred yesterday I realized – whoops – I never did this.


The Warmup

  • The Motivator from 7
  • Through the Tunnel IC X 10
  • The Merkin IC X 10
  • Abe Vigoda IC X 10
  • LBC IC X 10
  • Imperial Walkers IC X 10


The First Stop

Mosey to the other end of Founders stopping first at the amphitheater

Choose a Partner and get ready for multiples of the Birthday Boy’s new age

One does exercise while partner does a stair lap until total is reached between the two

  • 57 Burpies
  • 114 LBC’s
  • 181 Dips

The Second Stop

Mosey to the bottom of Tombstone Hill

Choose a NEW partner for more multiples of 57

One does exercise while partner does a Hill lap with 2 burpies at the top, until total is reached between the two

  • 57 Plank Jack Merkins
  • 114 American Hammers (Both sides = 1)
  • 181 Big Boy Sit ups

The Third Stop

Mosey to the King Commons Circles

  • Decline Merkins IC X 20
  • LBC IC X 20
  • Dips IC X 20

The Fourth Stop

Mosey to the Grassy step-like Hill next door

  • Start at one end easy run to other end
  • Go up a level then sprint back to other end
  • Go up a level then easy run back to other end
  • Rinse and repeat until you get to the top
  • Plank at top until the Six arrives

Had also planned on library steps as stop 5 and Girl’s Inc hill as stop 6

But time got away from us…


Yes we were even able to form a circle with our arms in this PRE-Covid19 era.

Just want to say how thankful I am that F3 exists in our area and for all the benefits that come from being a part of such an awesome group!

It is amazingly weird writing this now.  The world has definitely changed since the day of the workout, but even with that we can still thank the one above for each and every beautiful day we are given!

Thank you for your support when my mom passed away in September, and my dad passed away the prior July, and EVERYDAY!!

Sorry this is soooo late.  I initially lost the list of names when my phone didn’t record but others helped me out.

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