Northeast Tennessee

Lift Heavy and Run

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Range (Science Hill)

12 Pax rolled out of bed and into the gloom at The Range. It was 66 degrees and 86% humidity. This was much nicer conditions than YHC had been in for the past week while visiting the Pax of F3 Hilton Head. YHC was excited to be home with the Pax of NETN.
Merkin – IC x 15

Air Press – IC x 15

LBAC Palms up and down (forward and reverse) – IC x 10

Merkin – IC x 8

Air Press – IC x 10

TTT – IC x 10

WMH – 10 count each side

Merkin – IC x 5

Air Press – IC x 10

Mosey one lap around the Parking Lot

YHC was ready to lift something heavy today. The past several Qs from YHC have been more focused on running and cardio and less on lifting. Today we would focus on lifting with hopefully enough running to keep the Pax happy.

Mosey to the bottom of Little Ln. Pax were split into two groups. With Coupon ( 20 curls and 20 rows) run to the other end of Little Ln. Without Coupon (20 squats and 20 LBCs) run to the other end of Little Ln. Rinse and Repeat 10 times. After round 10, with coupon (20 tricep extensions and 20 deadlifts) without a coupon, (20 lunges and 20 flutter kicks) run up and down Little Ln 5 times. Props to Subprime who I think got at least 2 rounds into the second group of exercises n (Roughly 2.6 miles and 960 reps). YHC was doing a modified version of a Kilo 5K.

Just enough time for a low plank Ring of Fire. Pax held low plank while the Pax on their right did 5 merkins. After the 5 merkins, hold plank until all 12 Pax have finished.
PRAYER – Remember Rite Aid’s M’s family friends in Uganda who have been through a violent robbery. Pray for safety, emotional and physical healing, and for travel back to the States. 


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