Northeast Tennessee

Baking cupcakes

Jonesborough Immortal Station (Jonesborough)

Insert optional info about the weather, number of pax, etc.
Insert information about the warmup.

     Preheat the oven to 400
Unless times – all excursuses will be # of Pax X 2.0 for the Duff!

     Run to Corner cup
8 Burpees – (burn those Cupcake Calories)
X Number of Pax X 2.0 Sea Cow (manatee) for the milk
Wind mill – for the flour
8 Burpees
     Run to Court house
8 Burpees
Modified Chicken Peckers for the eggs (used benches for shorter “pecks”)
Number of Px X 2.0 Stirkin – Step ups to incline push ups ( use a bench)
8 Burpees
      up Cherokee for the sweet : Killer Bees
– Bear crawl/ half way- forgot the sugar- back down
Burnie Sanders back to half – Broad jump the rest of the way (modified)
Rocking chair at the top to wait
8 Burpees Running out of time
Warrior 3 – to remind ourselves men can bake! – Table 1 Min each leg
8 Burpees
Run down College to Lot,
8 Burpees
X Kettle bells swings to pour the batter
then whites Auto to put it in the oven carry the coupon over head
Wall sits to wait – last man sitting -plank if out …I smell something cooking!
8 Burpees (Time?- another lap or…Carry back – rocking chair to wait
Plank it out to watch your sweat drip like your salivating

Mary- Dead Roaches, LBCs


Psalm 119:103 How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!

Welcomed new FNGs

@2piece & @Chaco’s 2.0 – @Bricks

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