Northeast Tennessee

Xzibit Inspired Ladder – Lite Brite’s VQ

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City The Range (Science Hill) Kingsport

12 Pax made the hard decision to put the feet on the floor and head out into the gloom. The decision was so hard that Lite Brite almost didn’t make his own VQ. The rain held off with minimal lightning in the area. Guest appearances by Wapner from Indiana and Little Debbie from KPT.
SSH – IC x 20

TTT – IC x 15

WMH – 10 count each side
Going down the ladder: Complete 50 reps of each exercise then run one lap of Little Ln hill. After each round, add a lap and drop the rep count by 10 each round. If you get to the bottom, climb back up. So rounds of 50 reps = 1 lap, 40 reps = 2 laps, 30 reps = 3 laps, 20 reps = 4 laps, and 10 reps = 5 laps

  • Exercises:
  • Merkins
  • LBCs
  • Squats
  • Rows with coupon
  • Curls

No time
PRAYER (remember the start of school and all the uncertainties surrounding COVID 19, Unspoken requests) 
Wapner reminds us to keep EHing. He credits Rite Aid’s EH of him three years ago with the planting of a shovel Flag in Indiana for F3 Frankfort Black Cat. He says, “you might be the spark that lights the dynamite”.

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