Northeast Tennessee

Sprinting and FLORA

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Arrowhead (Indian Trail)

8 pax, some on time, others not so much, arrived at arrowhead for what turned out to be an unofficial 2.0 day with 38% of those in attendance being young’uns.
Ssh x20 ic

wmh 10 count

mosey to turn 1 Abe Vigoda x10 ic, imperial walker x10 ic

mosey to turn 2 lbac x10 forward and reverse, slow merkin x10 ic

mosey to turn 3 hillbilly walkers x10 ic slow squat x10 ic

mosey to turn 4  20 burpees oyo


Line up at the grate on north end of the track and sprint to the one on the south end  (100 yards) perform 10 merkins.  Mosey back to north grate. R & R 5x.

Pax then partner up and each grabs a block for FLORA 123

Rd 1: P1 performs 10 merkins with feet on blockwhile P2 holds plank then flapjack till complete 100 reps.

R2: P1 performs LBC’s with block on chest and completes 20 repswhile P2 lays flat and holds block above head and feet 6” off the ground flapjack till complete 200 reps.

Rd3: P1 performs 25 goblet squats with block while P2 holds block at the bottom of a squat position. Flapjack until complete 300 reps.

Repeat sprinting from above 5 more times. These were especially fun after the squats.

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BOLO for info on community service day sponsored by several local churches .

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