Northeast Tennessee

Triple Ds and Dark Webbs

Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

9 Pax made the hard decision and rolled into the room temperature and 90% humidity gloom. A few more Pax were expected but were not present.
LBAC Palms up – IC x 10

LBAC Palms down – IC x 10

Seal Jacks – IC x 10

SSH – IC x 10

Merkins – IC x 10

Air Press – IC x 15

TTT – IC x 10

Merkins – IC x 8

Air Press – IC x 10

Bridge Lap
Two parts Triple Ds and Dark Webs.

  • Part 1: Complete 5 rounds of Triple Ds (Donkey Kicks – 5, Derkins – 10, Dips – 20) Bridge Lap. Flutter kicks until the 6 arrives.
  • Dark Webbs: Comprised of Jack Webb (1 merkin: 4 Air presses) House of Pain (1 Jump Squat: 4 Bonnie Blairs) Caption Thors (1 BBSU: 4 American Hammers) and Happy Jack Webbs (1 Burpee: 4 SHH) We completed up to 5 and 20 for each before moving to the next pair of exercises. There was a 30-second rest between each pair.
  • Part 2: Complete 3 rounds of Triple Ds, run a stair lap then start the Dark Webbs from 6 and 24.

T claps to Gold Dust who has been consistently staying after and finishing his last round.

No Time!
PRAYER – Remember Culture Club’s sister in the hospital with stomach pain. Remember unspoken requests and requests made by Pax in the past few posts. 

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