Northeast Tennessee


Northeast Tennessee Johnson City Iron Horse (Founders Park)

9 Pax (including a visit from Knoxville’s Steam) descended on a very moist Founder’s Park to learn a little history of the day (7/25) and see if YHC could figure out how to lead without a playing game of Farmer Tag.
Warm-up: Motivators from 5 (it doesn’t have to be 7), TTT x 10 IC, Annies x 5 IC (Plank w/ alternating hand circles, scrubbing the floor like Little Orphan Annie), Nuclear OHP x5 IC (Punch block out from chest parallel to the ground, then back to the chest, and press block overhead, for one)

  • 1978 Louise Brown, the first test-tube/IVF baby, was born…so we celebrated by NOT doing any Pickle Pounders.
  • 1946 The US conducted the first Underwater detonation of an A-Bomb at Bikini Atoll, so we celebrated with an A-Bombs Dora on Tombstone Hill. Pax Paired up, Pax 1 ran to the top of the hill completed one BOPO, and returned while Pax 2 completed the exercises, alternating until all were finished (Collectively).
    • Annies – One Trip per pax.
    • Block Burpees x 50
    • Overhead Block Press, Nuclear Style x 100.
    • Mercans x 150
    • BBSU x 200
    • Squats w/Blocks x 250
  • 2000 the Concord Jet Crashed in a field outside of Paris, scattering debris over several acres The French version of the NTSB spent months on all fours searching the ground for any pieces of the wreckage. The Pax paid tribute to these workers by returning to the Great Lawn and competed in a Grizzly Bear Block Drag Crawl.  This is a bear crawl block drag until YHC yelled “GRIZZLY” at which point all Pax performed one Burpee, except the lead pax which was required to do a BOPO.
  • 1960 The Greensboro Woolworth’s dropped its segregation policy at its lunch counter.  In honor of the men and women that pushed for this change with peaceful Sit-Ins, the Pax honored them with a 60 second Al Gore. GRIZZLY.

with about 40 seconds left the Pax dropped down for a few more Annies to end in style.
YHC told the men that on this day in 2008 Randy Pausch passed away at the age of 46 from pancreatic cancer. And while we rarely commemorate the day of someone’s death, It seemed fitting for him.  Randy Pausch was the author of THE LAST LECTURE.  When he found out he had a limited amount of time before his death, he wrote his book to help others seize the day and spend our time doing the things that matter.  Randy’s book focused on living the fullest life in the days he had left and he reminded us with this quote…. ” The key question to keep asking is, Are you spending your time on the right things? Because time is all you have.”

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